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Mahar Koureh Industries Co.
Mahar Koureh Industries (Pvt.) were established in 1997 and officially started its activity in 1999 with the aim of producing various types of industrial furnaces and ovens. The company in recent decades turned to be a famous company in producing a wide range of furnaces and ovens in different sizes with special temperature resistance for different applications used in melting and casting industries, metallurgy, ceramics, steel and petrochemical industries. Furnaces manufactured in this company are of various forms, including electric and fossil fuel. In addition, offering services to more than a hundred companies by itself confirms the quality of its products and their diversity in comparing wit the others. The other services of this company are including in supplying various temperature sensors, control system of ovens’ temperature, and importing industrial burners along with their after-sale services.

The next outline of this company leads to produce different types of oven, equipment used for melting and keeping melt Aluminum and Lead, Nitrogen and Hydrogen protected conveyor furnaces, and the other furnaces and ovens with the cooperation of some eminent European companies.

Electrical Pit Furnace Gas Fired Furnace BT1000 / 1000 °C
Gas Fired Oven BT1000 / 900 °C

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