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Rahbaran Novin Mehr Company
Rahbaran Novin Mehr (Pvt.) has been started its activity since 1384 (2005) under the license of Department of Industries and Mines of Fars Province, and supports of its shareholders’ managerial background to produce different type of industrial ceramics including Steatite, Cordirite, Alumina and Zirconia in capacity of one thousand tons (for the first phase).

This company is to launch its test production from the third quarter of 1388, after installation the product line and the needed machinery. Machinery and devices produced by this company will be of various types regarding the usage and production type baked under the granted temperature starting from 1300 C to 1700 C., although manufacturing methods will be varied from casting, slush, dry press, extruder to injection. Also the others activities of this company will be included in providing the other non-ceramic fillers, and ceramic foam filters.

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