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This company has the honor of providing several feasible technical- economical projects relating to Ceramic and Refractory material Industries with benefiting from its past experiences and having the administrative records of previous projects, the advantage of experienced professionals and experts and a steady contact with industrial and academic centers which has been of great value to our country.

The other activities and products of this company include in producing corrosion coatings used in oil, gas, and petrochemical industries so that with participating in most of the tenders related to the above mentioned industries has been trying to provide chemical material, Catalyst, Calcium Silicate and the other materials utilized as thermal insulation or factors affecting the corrosion resistance in the oil, gas and petrochemical industries.

In the ceramic industry too, because of company’s record in fulfilling the requirements of above mentioned industry, has been providing raw materials needed in the fields of Ceramic refractory, Casting, Pressing and High Tech devices.

To supply various refractory insulating bricks

To supply some parts made of Mullite and Cordierite as kiln ferniture, Chamotte and Alumina Fire Brick and Slabes

To supply various ceramic fibers

To provide various corrosion resistant coatings

To supply various kinds of unshaped insulating materials including mortar, ramming, gunning and castable materials

To provide various abrasion-resistant coatings

To provide ceramic rollers

To provide certain types of raw materials utilized in refractory material industries, ceramic and slurry casting