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●  To supply some parts made of Mullite and Cordierite as kiln ferniture, Chamotte and Alumina Fire Brick and Slabes

Properties of of Kiln ferniture:
Used in various furnaces with different temperatures and excellent thermal properties to create appropriate combustion space and better storage of energy, high shock resistant, super creep resistance, and thermal tolerance to 1800 C degrees:

Applications of kiln ferniture:
To Sort products in furnace in order to prevent their deformation, Optimum use of interior atmosphere of furnace, A suitable shield for ceramic structures, To prevent direct flame exposure or hot gases emitted from combustion of copper, glass, and cement furnaces, combustion rooms, and caps

Applications of refractory bricks and slabs:
Used as cover for interior walls of kilns, For blast furnace, Pig iron, Coke firing furnace, Cement furnace, Non-ferrous metals melting furnace, And glass industry

Features of refractory bricks and slabs:
Heat resistant, Optimized oven temperature and its waste, Useable in firing furnaces above 1000 degrees Celsius, Resistant to cracks and crushes, Resistant to corrosive effects of acids and furnace slag, Accurate sizes, And resistant to abrasion