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●  To supply various ceramic fibers

Used in oil – gas, petrochemical, electricity, metal industries, cement, tiles, ceramics and porcelain, glass and crystal, chemical industry, clutch, linings utilized as insulation for furnaces and other heating centers in order to save energy consumption and prevent premature erosion of devices and machinery.

Ceramic Block

Ceramic Blanket

Ceramic Paper

Ceramic Bulk


- Light
- Flexibility with high tensile strength
- Quick installation
- Low thermal conductivity
- Low thermal energy storage
- High resistance to thermal shocks
- High resistance to corrosion
- High thermal stability
- Chemical stability against most strong Acids and Alkali and the environments containing water and oil
- No Asbestos and alternative replacement for Asbestos
- Super Sound insulation used as a base catalyst in the exhausts and filters

Ceramic Board
Dimension (mm) Density (kg/m3) Working Temp. (˚C) Shape
I7200x600x25 3600x600x50 I64-I96-I128-I160 I1260-1430-1600-1700-1800 Ceramic Blanket
I900x600x25,50 I1000x500x25,50 I300 I1000-1260-1400-1600-1700 Ceramic Board
I30000x610x1,2,3 I200 I1260-1430-1500 Ceramic Paper
I5kg I80 I1260-1400-1600 Ceramic Bulk
I300x300x50,75 I200x200x50,75 I100-I200 I1260-1400-1500-1600 Ceramic Block

* All above mentioned products could be provided form our European and Asian business partners on the subject of applicant needs through imports.